Can My Criminal Defense Attorney Interview Witnesses?



Can My Criminal Defense Attorney Interview Witnesses?

Posted on : January 29, 2018
your criminal defense attorney may interview witnesses to help your case

There are a number of different actions that your criminal defense attorney should be prepared to take immediately after you have been accused. As soon as you contact him or her, this should prompt your criminal defense attorney to spring into action to do everything possible to protect you.

Criminal Defense Attorney’s Responsibilities

Criminal defense attorneys have a responsibility to look into every option and to present it to you and to keep you informed over the duration of your case. If your criminal defense attorney commits malpractice by not giving you the appropriate representation during your initial trial, this could be grounds for an appeal. It is far better to have an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney on your side from the moment that you have been accused of a crime because this will give you greater confidence in the management of your case and decrease the chances that mistakes could land you behind bars and fight back with an appeal.

Get Immediate Criminal Defense Help

The sooner you are able to talk to an attorney, the easier it will be to identify whether or not this is the right person to protect you. One thing that your attorney should do as soon as possible is to interview witnesses, including the police. Your lawyer should not take a witness list or a police report at face value. Your criminal defense attorney should instead be committed to tracking down all sources of information that could tell details about your case.

Gathering Information

Identifying the names and contact information for all possible witnesses needs to be completed immediately so that your lawyer has the chance to talk to these people as soon as possible. This will give your criminal defense attorney a better understanding of what these witnesses are likely to say, and whether or not they are truly credible. Both of these pieces of information can be exceptionally helpful in the development of a criminal defense case and can help you figure out what is truly in your best interests as far as developing a comprehensive strategy to keep you out of jail and avoid the negative consequences of conviction.


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