How Can I Defend Myself Against Being Deported?



How Can I Defend Myself Against Being Deported?

Posted on : February 12, 2021
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If you’re facing the possibility of deportation, it’s time to act fast. Your future and the future of your family is on the line, and you can’t afford to be sent away to your “home country.” You may not have been there for a long time, or perhaps not at all.   

It may be possible to prevent your deportation if you qualify for one of the following:  


If you are at risk of being deported due to committing a crime, you may not qualify for asylum. However, if you can demonstrate that you left your country due to persecution or fear of persecution, you may be granted asylum and tried in a U.S. criminal court. 

Cancellation of Removal 

If the charge against you is a non-aggravated felony and you’ve resided in the U.S. on any legal immigration status for 7 years or as a permanent resident for 5 years, you may qualify for a Cancellation of Removal. However, this defense will not apply if you were convicted of an aggravated felony and you will likely need to explore other effective defense strategies in this case. 

Withholding of Removal 

If you can show the court that being deported to your home country would more likely than not cause you to suffer persecution, you may qualify for a Withholding of Removal. 

A Withholding of Removal prevents deportation and allows you to live and work in the U.S., but does not allow you to obtain permanent legal residency. If you’re a criminal suspect and your removal is withheld, you may be subject to the U.S. legal system. 

If the United States decides that you are not at risk of persecution in your home country, your withholding may be revoked and you may again be subject to deportation.   

How a Deportation Defense Attorney Can Assist You  

Don’t hesitate to obtain experienced legal advocacy if you or a family member are at risk of deportation after being charged with a crime. You can’t afford to be found guilty and deported, especially if your family will be left behind in the United States with less income and fewer resources. 

Call Llinas Law Immigration & Criminal Defense now to learn more about your rights and to get assistance with your deportation defense at 860-530-1781. Attorney Llinas is available today to speak with you about your case and help you develop a sound defense strategy.

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