Have You Been Charged with a Weapons-related Offense In Connecticut?

J. Christopher Llinas is a former prosecutor who is now practicing as a criminal defense lawyer from his office in Portland, Connecticut.


Attorney for defending weapons charges in Tolland CountyConnecticut and many of its municipalities have strict and broad laws when it comes to the:

  • possession of weapons
  • concealment of weapons
  • and/or use of weapons in the commission of crimes

These laws extend to:

  • handguns
  • assault weapons
  • gun replicas
  • bb guns
  • knives
  • nunchucks
  • throwing stars
  • brass knuckles

Do You Need a Connecticut Defense Lawyer for Weapons Charges?

Whatever the offense, and whatever the weapon, J. Christopher Llinas has extensive experience in handling these kinds of weapons cases, and he can identify the key issues, fully research and investigate those issues, and craft and then execute the best defense possible.

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